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Top 5 Reasons to Begin Creating Your Will Today

Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 10:00AM

Top 5 Reasons to Begin Creating Your Will Today

Though undeniably pleasant to think about, the matter of mortality warrants careful planning. While we may not choose to allow our own mortality to overshadow today or distract us from the things we love, neither should we neglect practical preparation. Don’t settle for an inexperienced wills attorney Daytona Beach has to offer. Call the probate attorney Daytona Beach relies on when it matters most - Fred B. Share. 

Your passing will be difficult for those you love, and refusing to prepare for it can make that time far more difficult. Here are five reasons to call your Daytona Beach wills lawyer and create your will today.

#5 – Your Daytona Beach Probate Lawyer Can Reduce Red Tape, Court Costs, and Taxes

Whether your estate is worth a thousand dollars or several million, dying without a will means the courts will decide what happens to the wealth you’ve left behind. People you never intended to be involved can make their claims, while those you love the most may be too distraught to properly advocate for their rightful inheritance. 

Every step along the way costs money. However, your Daytona Beach probate lawyer can eliminate the need for all this red tape and unnecessary wrangling and help protect more of your estate from excessive taxation as well if you start now. 

#4 – Your Daytona Beach Wills Lawyer Can Prevent a Lengthy Probate Process

In addition to wasting limited resources, an extended probate process takes time. Your family, friends, and other survivors are left waiting, uncertain what to expect or when. Your loss will no doubt be difficult enough. Don’t hope they get lucky and find their way through – call the estate planning attorney Daytona Beach relies on and prevent an extended probate Holly Hill doesn’t need. 

#3 – Your Estate Planning Attorney Is Also the Real Estate Attorney Daytona Beach Trusts 

Having an attorney experienced in estate planning, probate, and real estate law, as well as many related areas of Florida law, guarantees that your money and property will go exactly where you want it to (and won’t go where you don’t want it to). The minutia of real estate division or inheritance may be outside the expertise of the average probate Daytona Beach has to offer. Fred B. Share and his team, on the other hand, pride themselves on meeting all your estate’s needs from the same office, through the same estate planning attorney Daytona Beach counts on when it matters most. 

#2 – Guardianship of Your Children 

No one can replace you in the lives of your children. There are, however, preferred choices for those who might take on the responsibility if you pass before they’re grown. You don’t want the courts deciding who gets your kids (or pets or home, either). Or, you may become incapacitated by an accident or unexpected medical condition. In that case, wouldn’t you rather choose in advance who’ll have legal guardianship over you?

Proper planning now means less uncertainty then. Some things are simply too important to leave to chance. The most trusted wills attorney Daytona Beach has to offer is also an expert in Florida guardianship law and processes. 

#1 – Call Your Daytona Beach Estate Lawyer Because You Love Those You Leave Behind 

You’ve done your best to care for your family, friends, and other loved ones in this life. What better way to leave them than to demonstrate the thoughtfulness and care of having planned ahead? Nothing can make your passing easy, but knowing that they don’t have to guess or argue over your intentions reminds them one last time of your attention and your love. 

You don’t have to be wealthy to benefit from the right estate attorney. Call Fred B. Share and let’s talk about how to best meet your specific estate planning needs today. 

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