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Fred B. Share Attorney At Law
Real Estate

Why an Attorney for Your Sale/Purchase

Your rights and financial well-being are too important to risk by entering into a real estate transaction without an attorney. 

By way of example, in the purchase of real estate here are some important concerns:

    • When will the Buyer take possession? 
    • Who pays what closing costs? 
    • Do you need a survey? 
    • Can the Buyer cancel and get a refund of the deposit? 
    • If termite damage is found, does the Seller have to pay; and if so, how much? 
    • Who pays the property taxes? 
    • What constitutes a default? 
    • What are the remedies for default? 
    • Do you need contingencies for financing, or for the sale of your present home? 
    • Who pays for government, homeowners or condominium assessments?
    • An owner's policy of title insurance has coverage no greater than as stated in the policy. Even if we do not issue your policy, we can advise you whether the exceptions from coverage listed in the title insurance commitment will be appropriate under the contract or detrimental to you when they are included in the final title policy.

Representation by an experienced real estate attorney will assure that you understand your deal and close that deal with confidence, knowing your rights are being covered and enforced for your protection.