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Fred B. Share Attorney At Law
About Fred B. Share

Why Fred B. Share

Why should people choose me? With the exception of the time away at college and law school, I have lived in the area since the summer of ‘69. I am known for my competence, as well as my integrity. My office treats you in a courteous and friendly manner. You feel we care about you because we do. I am very patient with my clients, and pride myself on being able to explain things in simple, clear language. Most clients comment that they feel much better and learned so much after consulting with me; they feel good about trusting me with their legal matters. My practice areas also interrelate at times to the benefit of my clients. I have an excellent reputation and relationship with the judiciary, and with the legal community as a whole. My practice is mostly referral based, and many clients stay on as “lifetime” clients. My Martindale Hubbell rating is extremely high, with great comments from the judiciary and other lawyers. I am proud to say a number of lawyers and judges refer clients to me, and many have used me for their legal matters, which is the highest compliment I could get from my peers. I have also lectured in my practice areas at the local realtor association and at civic clubs in the community.