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The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Attorney

Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 11:15AM

If you’re new to the home buying process, or have simply never used a real estate attorney before, you may be wondering… what does this type of attorney do, anyway? The deals you’ve observed in the past may have been completed without the aid of a designated real estate lawyer… but in reality, there is a better way to do it. Having a real estate attorney on your side can help you achieve the best possible outcome—a new (or newly sold) home—with the least amount of contract confusion and back and forth legal processes.

This time should be spent getting excited about moving into a new home, not worrying about the legalities of a sale or the complex laws of your state. Leave that to us! Here are just a few of the great benefits that come with using a designated real estate attorney:

Better access to title agencies

As you may know, the role of a title agency is to ensure that the home you’re thinking about buying or selling is legally allowed to be bought or sold. Without a title agency, you may not know about potential legal blocks in your deal, like the presence of liens (a type of security interest) or other encumbrances that can slow down, halt or nullify the sale of a home.

Working with a real estate attorney can improve your access to title agencies and make the process that much quicker and easier. Working with Fred B. Share is doubly beneficial, since we have our own title agency, Waterside Title Co., right here in house—thus eliminating the need for you to run around town looking for legal documents and assistance!

Stress free navigation of tricky contracts

Contracts can be confusing and often misleading, even to the well-trained eye. Don’t feel like you must tackle the contract and negotiation process all by yourself! We can help you negotiate and find crucial points or conditions in your contract that you may have otherwise overlooked. We know what courses of action there are to take based on your contract, so you’re never left wondering “what are my options?” in the event of potential conflict.

Protection from legal backlash

If you do find that the purchase or sale of your home has led to conflict or a legal battle, don’t feel the need to handle it all on your own. We can find the best ways to protect you from unwanted legal discourse… and if you need help sorting out the problem, we offer dispute resolution as well.

Enlisting the help of a real estate attorney may be one of the best decisions you can make in the buying and selling process. Doing so can help you eliminate stress and the potential loss of funds due to mistakes or misunderstood contracts later on. Please consider us as you enter into the world of real estate. No job is too small! 

The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Attorney

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